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5 Must Have Accessories for Your Brand New Honda HR-V

shutterstock_419594644If you are already driving or considering investing in a 2015 Honda HR-V, what you can do with the HR-V and how it can be customised to suit your needs is well worth giving a little time to explore. Hence, here are just five accessories available to prove the Honda HR-V is a practical option in 2016.

Side Body Trims
A useful accessory made available for the Honda HR-V that can help to protect your investment are Side Body Trims. Whilst Side Body Trims tend to divide drivers from an aesthetic stand-point, there is no denying that Side Body Trims can dramatically reduce the chance of having to fork out to have scrapes, dents and scratches fixed.

Side Body Trims are a soft impact resistant strip affixed to the doors and sides of a car and safeguard the car doors when being opened in tight spaces (such as car parks) or having another car owner open their doors into your vehicle.

Bicycle Attachment
Here at Cox Motor Parts we advise that anybody driving a HR-V who wishes to affix a bicycle attachment does so by investing in a genuine Honda HR V 5 bicycle attachment. Making sure you get the correct bicycle attachment for the model of you are driving is really important for a number of reasons.

Firstly, using a Honda bicycle attachment means that you are using one that is designed especially for the vehicle you drive, which ensures the best possible fit, unlike universal bike carriers. Secondly, investing in a genuine Honda bicycle attachment ensures the quality of the attachment you buy. Finally, the Honda HR-V 2015 bicycle attachment has been specially designed as an ‘easy fit’ option, saving you time and effort when attaching it to your car. Universal Bike attachments are not available with these ‘easy fit’ features.

Base Carrier (Roof Rack)
For those who require extra space or plan to travel longer distances and require additional room for their belongings, affixing your Honda HR-V with a base carrier (a.k.a a roof rack) is a good idea, relatively inexpensive and can additionally free up space in your car and prevent your car from becoming cluttered.

Dog Guard
An estimated 9 million people in the UK are dog owners, meaning that millions of those looking for a new car will decide and make their final choice with their pets in mind. If this is true for you, you will no doubt be happy to learn that the Honda HR-V model can be easily and inexpensively customised to meet your (and your dog’s) needs.

In fact, dog-proofing your Honda HR-V to permit your dogs to travel in the boot of your car is not just simple, but advisable to maintain the safety of you, your passengers and your dogs. Further, the dog guard can also prove an ideal means of keeping luggage safe whilst in the boot of your HR-V and need not be removed when your dogs aren’t travelling with you.

To do this, dog owners require a reliable and securely fitted dog guard. Again, for the best fit and product, we advise to stick with genuine Honda products and as such opt to purchase the Honda HR-V Dog Guard for the 2015 model.

Door Mirror Covers
Finally, number five on our list of add-ons worth taking a look at if you own or are thinking or purchasing a Honda HR-V model is one that, unlike our other top picks, is less about practicality and more about personality – and maintaining the looks of your Honda HR-V.

Hence, if you have been unfortunate enough to get or have had your door mirrors scuffed, scratched or clipped door covers can instantly restore the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle without having to pay out for entirely new door mirrors or drive around with tatty looking door mirrors.