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7 Strangest Motoring Fines From Around The World

In the UK, it can sometimes be frustrating to find you have been given a parking ticket or perhaps have been fined for breaking the speed limit, however we almost always understand why we have received them and simply accept it. Here at Cox Motor Parts, we’ve been looking at some of the most bizarre motoring fines which have been given out, both in the UK and abroad, as well as pointing out some particularly strange fines to look out for when driving on holiday.

Man Fined For Being Run Over By A Police Car

In Pontypridd, South Wales in 2007, then 28 year old Daniel Horne and his friends had broken down at the side of the road. Mr Horne then abandoned his car to go and look for assistance, however due to a local complaint, a police car was soon on the scene assuming the car had been illegally ditched.

In an attempt to catch Mr Horne, the police car mounted the pavement, running over the leg of the stranded driver. After receiving hospital treatment, the police officer then handed the injured Mr Horne with an £80 fine for denting the police vehicle.

Woman Given Huge Parking Fine Dating Back To 208 AD

A woman in Sicily fainted when she opened a parking fine to discover she owned the local authorities 32,000 Euros. The fine had amounted to such a staggering figure after the traffic warden who placed the fine accidentally dated the ticket the year 208 instead of 2008, generating hundreds of years of interest on the original parking fine.

Parking A Toy Car Is Still Illegal

Brighton based hairdresser Giovanni Cortessi was given a shock one day after finishing work to discover his sons toy bus, which had been parked on the road at the front of his shop, had received a £50 parking ticket. the 3ft-tall double decker bus had initially been parked outside of the hairdressers by my Mr Cortessi to cheer up passers by and advertise his business. 

You Can Be Fined In Thailand For Driving Topless

Driving in scorching heat whilst in a car with no air conditioning could force anyone into popping their top off behind the wheel, but no matter how uncomfortable you get don’t make this mistake in Thailand. Driving topless in the South-East Asian country is an offence punishable by an on the spot fine or even a jail sentence.

Report Road Accidents Involving Wildlife In Finland

Finland has large expanses of countryside and plenty or large wild animals that can stray into the road such as Elk and Reindeer. If you happen to have an accident involving any wild animals of this size, be sure to report it immediately, otherwise you can be slapped with a substantial fine. If you are visiting Finland also be aware that you can be fined for using your car horn, they are strictly only supposed to be used if the driver is in a dangerous situation, otherwise you may be fined.

Keep A Spare Pair Of Glasses With You In Spain

If you suffer from poor eyesight and wear either contact lenses or prescription glasses, always make sure you have a spare pair at hand when driving in Spain. You are susceptible to being fined for not carrying a spare pair at all times whilst driving.

Keep Your Car Clean Whilst Driving In Russia

In Russia it is deemed an offence to drive a car that appears dirty on the exterior. This is a particularly difficult offence to understand because it comes down to each individual police officer what constitutes as dirty. This offence isn’t taken lightly and can bring a substantial fine or even lead to licence confiscation.    

While you would have to be disastrously unlucky to receive a fine similar to those listed here that were handed out in the UK, we would advise you check out any country you might be visiting for any unusual laws before you leave.