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A Look At The Brand New Honda Civic Ad

Have you seen the brand new Honda Civic ad? If not, we encourage you to spend a minute (yes, the ad is exactly one minute long) to take a look:

The ad has been described by Honda themselves as, “Honda believe that above all things, engineering should help create cars that are a joy to drive. This was the guiding principle behind the design of the new Civic range, because the most powerful thing you can build is a feeling.”

The brand new ad which is now showing goes a long way to showcase the exact precision which goes into the development and manufacturing of the popular Civic models, using carefully implemented slow motion effects to highlight the impact of the new model. It show’s just how versatile the Civic is, picturing it on a whole host of different terrains whilst clearly depicting the manufacturers message – it’s the perfect car for everyone, regardless of where and when they’ll be driving it!

At the end of the day, the ad perfectly showcases how Honda’s precision engineering can mount up to an emotional ride!