Are All Parts Equal?

Genuine Honda Parts are not just any old replacement parts for your Honda!

Are all air filters made equal? All brake pads identical? Every cog, just another cog? Who can tell the difference anyway? A Honda engineer knows the difference, and that makes a difference to the performance of your Honda, which is why we spend a great deal of time specifying and making replacement parts for your car. No matter how large, small or tiny.



80% – the number of competitor discs that don’t meet Honda’s stringent standards. Every Honda Brake Disc is engineered for each Honda model. We carefully monitor all the metals in each disc. Change the metal by using a competitor disc, and this can affect the ABS system and increase the stopping distance.

100% – the amount of emissions that pass into the catalyst – and not the inside of your car or the environment. We know the difference just 1% can make to you, so we test each Honda Exhaust to a zero tolerance level in a hermetically sealed chamber.


More durable

100 hours – We test our Honda Oil Filters above the rev limit for 100 hours solid. This ensures they can withstand extreme temperatures and vibrations. They are made with 60% more filter inside than regular oil filters, so your engine is fully protected between services.

200 times – This is how much longer a Honda Charcoal Pollen Filter lasted, compared to a competitor filter, when tested under extreme conditions.

Eight years – The average life expectancy of a Honda Stainless Steel Exhaust. We searched the world to find a manufacturer who met our standards – and discovered most competitor exhausts didn’t. You aren’t expected to know the difference, but it’s why we started our own exhaust company.

70 hours – This is how long our ‘heat test’ for the Honda Timing Belt lasts. First, we heat a belt to 125 degrees for 70 hours. Then we boil it in oil for another 70 hours and finally, it is driven the equivalent of twice around the world. This means you can be confident that your Honda will not let you down when Genuine Honda Parts are fitted.


Increased performance

Four times – Honda Air & Pollen Filters capture 99.9% of impurities in the air. This is four times more than some other filters. These, when tested, only filtered 75% of particles. Honda filters are also designed to last 10 times longer than some non-Honda parts.

Two tracks – Where’s the best place to test our cars? To push them to the limits of their endurance? We thought a race track would be good. So we built two: Suzuka and Motegi. The result? Six consecutive F1 Constructors’ Championships. And parts for your Honda that perform at the highest level.


Only Honda Genuine Parts ensure that your Honda runs as it was engineered to. The next time you have a service, keep your Honda, a Honda.