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Great Britain’s Speed Cameras – In numbers

We all understand that speed cameras are used for a reason and that reason is our safety. They have a proven track record for slowing speeds in dangerous sections of road and therefore reduce crashes. Despite this undoubtedly good work its fair to say that a good chunk of the population believe they are only… Read More »

Top Tips For Buying A Used Car

Whether you have just passed your test or are looking to update your current car, the majority of us will opt for a used car. Not matter your motoring experience, buying a used car can be a minefield, potentially leaving you ripped off at the end of it. At Cox Motor Parts, one of the… Read More »

Top Tips For Preparing your car for winter

As summer becomes a distant memory and the miserable winter weather settles in, there are a number of things you need to ensure you do to make sure you aren’t caught short on the roads over the coming months. Here at Cox Motor Parts, one of the UK’s leading dealers of Honda parts, we want nothing more… Read More »

Winter Tyres: Preparing Your Wheels For The Bad Weather

No matter how cautious you are as a driver in bad conditions, sometimes they can be overwhelming for our cars and lead to accidents. One of the most common causes of accidents in the winter months is down to a lack of grip to the road, but thankfully there is something you can do about… Read More »

Converting Your Car To Run On LPG: The Pros & Cons

There are an increasing number of options when it comes to driving a fuel efficient car, but its hard to know what to choose. One of the most popular is to convert your petrol engined car to run on LPG (liquid petroleum gas). As specialists in genuine Honda parts, at Cox Motor Parts we want… Read More »

Route 66 In Numbers [Infographic]

It is one of, if not the most famous road in the world. Travellers from all over dream of driving it, and many past and present have stepped foot on it. Route 66 – also known as the ‘Mother Land’ and the ‘Main Street Of America’ to name a few, has seen many changes over the… Read More »

The Unofficial Highway Code

Before passing your driving test you must study the official highway code in order to pass the theory test. This means that by the time you are able to take to the road of your own accord, your knowledge of UK roads the rules and restrictions is up to scratch. Whilst this is obviously very… Read More »

How To Make Long Car Journeys With Children More Bearable

With half term fast approaching and Christmas not far behind, it is likely many families will be travelling away for a winter break or to visit family. As enjoyable as the break will be, there is one thing which many parents fear and that is the dreaded long distance car journey. Here at Cox Motor… Read More »

A Look At Honda’s Self Driving Car

Honda have been given clearance to drive their self driving cars in California, similarly to a number of other manufactures who are currently testing. Here at Cox Motor Parts we have taken a look at how the self driving car is shaping up, and what to expect when it is released which is said to… Read More »

Spare Wheels: Where Have They Disappeared To?

A lot has changed in the last 20 years in regards your car’s spare wheel. It used to be standard practice for every new car to be fitted with five identical wheels, one of which was a spare. This has largely been replaced with a ‘space saver’ wheel or in plenty of new cars, just… Read More »

Britain’s Most Dangerous Roads

1,775 people in Great Britain were killed in road accidents in 2014 according to recent statistics, which is a 4% rise on 2013’s figures and works out at 5 people every day. The majority of the fatalities occurred on just 10% of the entire British road network. Here at Cox Motor Parts, we are have… Read More »