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Cox Motor Parts Now Using Klarna Payment

Klarna Payments

Cox Motor Parts is pleased to announce that we are now using Klarna Payment as a gateway. This means that our customers will be able to receive the same premium quality parts that we have always provided with complete ease of payment.

What is Klarna Payment?

Klarna offers comprehensive and straightforward Buy Now Pay Later options. This means that, when purchasing your required Honda part with us, you do not have to pay straight away. Unlike other alternatives that usually result in high-interest repayments, Klarna is able to provide their service interest-free when payments are made in full during the promotional period. At Cox Motor Parts, we are pleased to be including their popular payment option, ‘Slice it’. Choosing ‘Slice It’ when checking out will mean being able to buy your new part in 3 interest-free monthly instalments rather than one lump sum. When using Klarna Payment’s ‘Slice It’ option, instalments will come out as a direct debit, meaning there isn’t any risk of missing payments and incurring interest fees.

Why Use Klarna Payment?

At Cox Motor Parts, we aim to provide a service that is of the same quality as our Honda parts. It is for this reason that we have integrated Klarna as a payment gateway. By allowing you to pay later, Klarna payment provides the extra flexibility to purchase your required part straight away. This can ultimately allow you to avoid unnecessary, and often costly, delay.

Find Out More

If you would like to discuss the details of your part requirements and how Klarna might be of service as a payment gateway, give us a call today on 0152468071 or get in touch via our contact form!