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Driverless Cars – The Technology That Is Shaping The Future Of The Automotive Industry

It won’t be long until cars are driving humans and there’s no hiding from the fact that driverless cars are the future of the automotive industry. Whilst we’re yet to see a driverless model become commercial available, we’re getting closer and we’ve just seen tech giants Apple announce their entry into the market, most likely to compete directly with Google’s model.


It’s a simple fact that driverless cars see the real merge between cars and technology and it marks an exciting, albeit likely an expensive, time for motorists. With the first models expected to be on the market by 2018 if Google get their own way, it’s expected that we’ll be seeing a fair few of them on our roads by 2020, if not earlier.


To take a look at driverless cars in a little more depth, we put together this infographic which offers you everything that you need to know, at this stage, on these vehicles of the (not too distant) future:


Driverless Cars


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