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Five Must-Buy Honda Accessories for Your Civic Type-R (2015)

The ever brilliant Honda Civic Type-R is undoubtedly one of the greatest hot-hatchbacks of all time. Since the first generation was released back in 1997, they have gone on to be a firm favourite on our roads.

It’s also fair to assume that if you own a Civic Type-R then you are probably a car lover. If you are then you don’t just see your Honda as a run-about but something to be proud of and maintain as best you can.

Not only do you want your car to run as well as possible, you want it to look good too, and don’t mind finding the right accessories to do so

Here at Cox Motor Parts we love to help Civic Type-R owners make the most of their beloved car, and that’s why we have put together this list of Type-R 2015 accessories to give your Type-R that personal touch.

 Genuine Honda Civic Type-R Exterior Carbon Pack

We’ve all seen our fair share of botched exterior upgrades on hatchbacks, be it oversized side skirts or an ill-fitting replacement exhaust.

The mistake plenty of people make is that they don’t by genuine manufacturer accessories, like the ones we offer at Cox Motor Parts.

This carbon exterior pack gives you all of the classic touches to make your Type-R look even sharper. The pack includes a carbon fibre rear wing, carbon fibre air intake garnishes and carbon fibre tailgate finishes. The pack is available with either red or black trim.


Genuine Honda Civic Type-R Rally Red Rear Diffuser

As well as being one of the all time great hatch-back road cars, the Civic Type-R is also known for being a successful rally car.

The rally version obvious has a slightly different spec to the road version, however, you can add some of that rally flair with this rear diffuser.

To replace your current diffuser, this stunning fitting stays true to the Type-R brand with the distinctive red finish.

Genuine Honda Civic Type-R Elegance Floor Carpets

As this list probably makes clear, accessorising your interior is just as popular as the exterior. One firm favourite for this is, of course, footwell carpets.

These particularly elegant carpets bring that extra touch of class to your interior. Mostly black with a Type-R red trim, the carpets also feature a metal Type-R badge.

Genuine Honda Civic Type-R Dog Guard

No matter how sporty and tuned you want your Type-R to be, it’s always smart to take practical measures.

If you are the sort of person who won’t even let a friend in your car with a bottle drink in case of spillage (very understandable), then this dog cage might be right up your street.

Allowing your pup to freely roam on the back seats risks the chance of marks or tears in the seats, which would, of course, be tragic.

Instead, take a look at this brilliant dog cage which fits in the headspace of your boot. Simply remove your retractable boot cover so that your dog has the required headroom and you are ready to go.

If these accessories only tickle your interest, you can check out all of our other great Honda Civic Type-R accessories (for models 2015, 2007-2011 and 2001-2005) simply by following this link.