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Genuine Honda FK8 Civic Type-R Accessories

There’s no denying that the newest Honda Type-R Civic is a great car, it’s won a host of awards and is well on the way to proving it’s the best Type-R yet. Pretty close to perfection we’re sure you’ll agree but there are a selection of accessories we think take it to the next level.

Genuine Honda FK8 Civic Type-R Accessories

We’ll start with something pretty simple but really effective. This set of carpet mats adds a great feel to the car whilst maintaining the sharp styling associated with the FK8.

Genuine Honda Civic Type-R Elegance Floor Carpet Mats 2017>


Functional and stylish, the illuminated door sill trims give excellent protection from scratches and scrapes when getting in and out of the vehicle as well as emitting a red glow, enhancing the sporty feel.

Genuine Honda Civic Type-R Illuminated Door Sill Trim – 2017>

These silver mirror caps look great on all variants of the Type-R. Whether they match the body colour or are added to a different colour car to enhance to sleek feel, we’re big fans of these mirror caps.

Genuine Honda Civic Type-R Silver Door Mirror Caps 2017>

A tech-lovers dream, the wireless phone charger offers an integrated and simple solution to keeping your smartphone charged at all times


Genuine Honda Civic Type-R Wireless Phone Charger – 2017>

Last but by no means least, we believe the tailgate spoiler is a must have, not only does it compliment the boot spoiler and add to the sporty look but you don’t see many of these around making the Civic Type-R even more unique. These are available in a range of colours.

Tailgate Spoilers (All Colours)