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Honda Civic Sport Mud Guards – Available in the UK

Genuine Honda Civic Sport Front & Rear Mud Guards 2017 Onwards

The purpose of mud flaps and splash guards is a relatively simple one. To minimise the spray of water, mud, snow and gravel.

This therefore offers protection to the paint on your vehicle along with protecting the passengers, other vehicles, and pedestrians from the flying debris thrown into the air by the rotating tyres.

With these clear benefits, it is surprising that the mudguards have yet to be made available for the Civic Sport here in the UK.

Here at Cox Motor Parts, we didn’t want to wait any longer to be able to offer these to our customers so have utilised our worldwide network of Genuine Honda parts representatives to import them into the UK and are pleased to say these are available to order today:

We also have these available for the standard Civic in this range:

Genuine Honda Civic Front & Rear Mud Guards 2017 Onwards