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Wurth Brake Cleaner 20 Litre Drum

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Unfilled pump spray bottle for easy application of products from canisters and drums
Break-proof, empty 1 litre container
Easy opening owing to surface feel elements

Part Number: 890108720

Wurth Brake Cleaner 20 Litre Drum

Wurth 20 Litre Drum Industrial Strength Brake & Clutch Cleaner View Safety Data Sheet Wurth Brake and Clutch Cleaner is a fast drying cleaner specifically formulated to suppress harmful dust from brake and clutch linings. Removes oil, grease, pad & clutch dust safely.

  • Cleans clutch plates, leaves no residue.
  • Eliminates brake squeal and clutch slip caused by contamination
  • removes protective coating from replacement discs fast

WÜRTH BRAKE CLEANERS: EFFICIENT MAINTENANCE OF YOUR WHOLE BRAKING SYSTEM To ensure safe driving, whatever your vehicle, Würth provides you with a full range of brake cleaners with high-performance cleaning properties. Able to remove dirt, impurities or liquids that can prevent your brake pads, discs and brake lines from working properly, the brake cleaner is essential for performing effective self-maintenance on a regular basis. OPTIMAL BRAKE CLEANING Dust, grease, and oil can gradually stick to the pads of your vehicle. Whether your vehicle is old or you have new equipment, a complete cleaning of your braking system will limit its wear. Very powerful, the Würth special brake cleaner removes residues, brake fluid and different types of dirt. Very effective, it degreases any dirty clutch and brake parts and extends their service life. A PRACTICAL PRODUCT ADAPTED TO ALL TYPES OF BRAKES To facilitate the maintenance of your car or motorcycle, Würth has developed a range of acetone-free products compatible with different materials and coatings: paints, plastics, rubber, etc. To meet your needs and guarantee effective degreasing, our ready-to-use spray allows the product to be applied without any difficulty and makes deep cleaning possible thanks to its strong cleaning power. Würth’s brake cleaner spray effectively degreases your braking system in a short time without discolouring or staining. Trust Würth’s expertise and explore our cleaners and maintenance products for the interior or exterior of your vehicle

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