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Honda Jazz Alloy and Tyre Rolling Circumference

The Honda Jazz has one diameter of wheel and tyre combined, whether it is the 15” setup or 16” setup, this is referred to as a ‘rolling circumference’.

Whether your Jazz has the standard 15” or whether it has the 16” setup, does not change the rolling circumference, this must stay the same (speedometer and ABS breaking system work off rolling circumference).

Please see the illustration below, you will notice that the outside diameter/circumference is unchanged, whether it be a 15” alloy wheel or a 16” alloy wheel, the tyre effectively compensates.

Honda Jazz Alloy and Tyre Rolling Circumference

Our full size genuine Honda Jazz alloy wheels are a 15-inch alloy and are a suitable spare wheel for either the 15” or 16” setup. If you need Honda Jazz spare wheels or Honda alloy wheels for another model, feel free to browse through our range of genuine Honda parts.

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