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Honda Civic Spare Wheels

At some point, we’re all likely to experience a flat tyre, which is why being prepared is essential. Whether you need a space saver wheel to fit perfectly into your boot or a complete kit with a draper jack and wrench, we stock a wide range of Honda Civic spare wheels. 

Cox Motor Parts are a leading authorised dealer of genuine Honda parts, including spare wheels for Honda Civics. We are based in the North West and offer a wide selection of Honda Civic parts and accessories, such as Honda Civic batteries, Honda Civic Exhausts, and Honda Civic brake pads and discs.

We currently stock spare wheels for Honda Civic 5 Door, Honda Civic Tourer, Honda Civic Type S and Honda Civic Type R models. If you can’t find the right parts or accessories for your car, look through our range of Honda Civic parts.

Do Honda Civics have spare tyres?

A lot of Honda Civic models do not come with a spare wheel as standard. Instead, a spare wheel is an additional option for you to buy. However, most Honda Civic should come with a jack, which you can find on the left side of the boot, and a tyre sealant pack to repair any punctures. 

If your model of Civic does come with a spare wheel, you can find this in the boot. To locate this, lift the floor lid of the boot, and from here, you will be able to access your wheel. As these wheels are temporary, you’ll need to drive carefully and potentially at lower speeds. You should regularly check your tyre to make sure it is properly inflated. 

It’s best to buy your own Honda Civic spare space saver wheel and put this in your car alongside a jack and brace. If you break down or experience a puncture while out, you won’t need to call a breakdown company to replace your wheel as you’ll have everything you need with you.

A space saver wheel is a fantastic option as they are easy to store in the under boot compartment. These wheels are great if you’re in an emergency. You need to remember space saver tyres are usually thinner and smaller than your Honda Civic’s usual tyres. You need to drive on them carefully, especially during dangerous weather conditions.