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Honda Civic Wing Mirrors

Your Honda Civic’s wing mirror is more complex than you may realise. Not only do you need to make sure you have the right mirror, but you need to make sure that you match the casing to your Honda Civic’s model. You need to ensure that your Honda Civic wing mirror can fit its wing mirror indicator into its cover, and has the right power-folding capabilities for your car, if it has them.

We stock fully assembled Honda Civic wing mirrors, for both the left and right side of your car. In addition to this, you’ll also find Honda Civic wing mirror covers, bodies and indicator units. We offer all of the screw sets and mirror shut off devices you’ll need to keep it operating properly. Plus you’ll find the essential Honda Civic mirrors for both sides of your vehicle.


Cox Motor Parts is an authorised Honda Dealer, only stocking genuine Honda parts, which means you can get your hands on quality-assured Honda Civic parts through us. You’ll find us in the North West of England, ready to help you find the right Honda Civic wing mirror parts for any model. While many of the wing mirror parts for your Honda Civic may work across different models and trim types, some are bespoke to particular types of the Honda Civic. You’ll be able to find Honda Civic wing mirrors for the 5-DoorType-SType-R and the Honda Civic Tourer.

Honda Civic Wing Mirror Parts




2014-2018 (Tourer)

2015-2016 (Type-R FK2)

2017 Onwards