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Service Kits

Servicing your vehicle regularly is an essential part of ensuring long lasting performance and safety. Cox Motor Parts provides a wide range of brand new, genuine parts such as:

  • Oil and Oil Filters
  • Spark Plugs
  • Air Filters
  • Cleaning Fluids
  • Fuel Filters
  • Plugs and Washers
  • Pollen Filters

We also provide a range of service kits which each contain a number of parts listed above depending on the level of servicing required.

Genuine Honda Quality

Honda Oil Filters are tested above the rev limit for 100 hours solid. This ensures they can withstand extreme temperatures and vibrations. They are made with 60% more filter inside than regular oil filters, so your engine is fully protected between services.

A Honda Pollen Filter lasted 200 times longer, compared to a competitor filter, when tested under extreme conditions.

Honda Air & Pollen Filters capture 99.9% of impurities in the air. This is four times more than some other filters. These, when tested, only filtered 75% of particles. Honda filters are also designed to last 10 times longer than some non-Honda parts.

Honda Service Items

Accord Service Kits

Accord Service Items

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Other Honda Service Items