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Genuine Honda Civic 5 Door 1.6 Petrol Timing Belt-2001-2005

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Part Number: 14400PLM014
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Genuine Honda Civic 5 Door 1.6 Petrol Timing Belt-2001-2005

Timing chains and timing belts transmit drive from the crankshaft to the camshafts which is a very important function within the engine. It is essential that full synchronisation of these two parts remains constant at all times. If a belt or chain were to slip or snap expensive engine damage will occur.

The high quality of these parts is essential as failure of either of these components would cause major damage to the internal engine components, leading to very high repair costs. Honda genuine parts are tested to go beyond the normal life expectancy and on the product they were originally designed for.

Timing belts have a recommended replacement schedule which for Honda vehicles is often higher in mileage or time than some other manufactures. This again stresses the importance of using genuine Honda parts: the Timing Belt would need to be able to achieve these higher intervals and non-genuine parts may not have been tested to the same high standard. Picture is just for illustration purposes only. We will send the correct part for your vehicle.

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