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Genuine Honda Civic Drivers Wiper Blade 2006-2011

*Required. We check all parts for compatibility with your vehicle via Honda EPC.
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Genuine Honda Civic Drivers Wiper Blade 2006-2011

Blade Length-675mm


Wipers are a simple but important part of your car. The rubber of wiper blades gradually deteriorates due to usage conditions, temperature changes, sunlight or acid rain. This increases frictional resistance where rubber is in direct contact with the glass, causing juddering.


When wiper rubber wipes away ordinary raindrops, they leave a uniform film to ensure a safe level of visibility. Yet when oil contained in exhaust gases from surrounding cars (in particular diesel trucks), wax or similar substances adhere to the glass surface, parts of the rubber also adhere to the glass surface, resulting in an uneven film being generated, distorting visibility.


Honda Genuine Wiper Blade Rubber has been developed to suit the front glass curvature of Honda cars, providing the best wiping performance. They have naturally been designed to prevent rubber from falling off.

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