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Genuine Honda FR-V Right Hand Rear Anti Roll Bar Drop Link 2005-2009

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Part Number: 52320SJF003
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Genuine Honda FR-V Right Hand Rear Anti Roll Bar Drop Link 2005-2009

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This part is for the YELLOW side below:

Genuine Honda FR-V Right Hand Rear Anti Roll Bar Drop Link-2005-2009

The Drop Link connects the left and right suspension components to either end of the anti-roll bar.

When a car drives over a speed hump that goes the full width of the road, the suspension is compressed equally each side. The anti-roll bar simply pivots – it is not twisted and there is no strain on the link rods. But if one wheel hits a speed hump and the other does not, one end of the anti-roll bar is raised, twisting the bar. The force needed to twist the bar is all transmitted through the drop link rods which are normally are light metal rods with a ball joint on either or both ends.

Normally the ball joints or bushes at either end deteriorate and develop lost movement (play) which can be heard as a rattling or knocking noise. If this is ignored and the link rod actually breaks, the anti-roll bar becomes completely ineffective. The problems arise when the car is cornered hard, as it will roll much more than expected, causing dangerous instability. This will fail an MOT test.

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