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Genuine Honda Jazz 1.3 Petrol Stop Start Battery 2018 Onwards

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Part Number: 31500T5AG11

Genuine Honda Jazz 1.3 Petrol Stop Start Battery 2018 Onwards


The battery starts the engine and supplies power to electrical components such as the lights and audio system, but is also used for backing up each of the car computers and control units.


HIGH ENGINE START-UP PERFORMANCE – Honda Genuine Batteries improve the electrical efficiency by special alloy plates. Thanks to a low resistance separator, they offer excellent start-up performance even in intense cold.

HIGH DURABILITY – 60 % longer durability compared with a standard battery.

LONG TIME MAINTENANCE FREE – Honda Genuine Batteries prevent overcharging and reduce the loss of electrolyte. They also eliminate the need of water refilling of the electrolyte for a long period of time. Genuine Honda replacement batteries are manufactured to match your Honda electrical system specifications.

Batteries cannot be shipped to Northern Ireland or Scottish Highlands & Islands

We Guarantee to send the correct Genuine Honda Battery for your Car

Honda 3 Year Unlimited Mileage Pan European Warranty

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