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Genuine Honda Jazz Air Filter 2009-2015

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*Required. We check all parts for compatibility with your vehicle via Honda EPC.
Part Number: 17220RB6Z00
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Genuine Honda Jazz Air Filter 2009-2015


Engines require a certain amount of clean air to operate properly. Air filters prevent dirt, dust and other contaminants from entering the engine, and allow the engine to perform at its best condition by providing a supply of air with the least amount of air resistance possible. The replacement interval for the air filter has been set to suit the usage time.


Honda Genuine Air Filters use an original viscous type of filter. Viscous type air cleaner elements have a special oil applied to the paper that guaranties outstanding performance:

Air intake efficiency remains high as there is minimal airflow resistance.

A proprietary filter material and structure mean the air filter has a long operating life.



Honda Genuine Air Filters have been developed to extract the maximum performance of each engine by testing them for performance to suit the temperature, dust quality and environment of each particular region.

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