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Supagard Aftercare Kit

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Supagard Aftercare Kit

This comprehensive kit contains everything you need to keep your car in pristine condition. The products have been specially developed to enable you to easily remove dirt and grime from everyday use. You can wash and clean your car as often as required, safe in the knowledge that these products are fully compatible with our paint and fabric protection and will provide you with everything you need to maintain a showroom finish.


1 x 300ml Bird Lime Neutraliser
A combination of detergents with a pH buffer that helps neutralise the acid in bird lime. The formula will re-hydrate the deposit, creating a soluble solution that can be easily wiped off the paintwork. Can also be used to remove insect from glass and paintwork.

1 x 300ml Car Shampoo
This cleans, shines and protects paintwork with no hose, sponge or shampoo required. Simply spray direct onto the dirt, lightly agitate and wipe off to reveal a glossy showroom finish.

1 x 300ml Screen Wash
If used correctly, this highly concentrated formula will stop your water bottle from freezing. For safety reasons alone this is the product of choice for any winter journey. Simply pour into your water bottle and add water.

1 x Microfibre Cloth