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Tunap 927 All Season Concentrated Screenwash / Deicer **-60°C** 1 Litre

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Part Number: MF92701000AB
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Tunap 927 All Season Concentrated Screenwash / Deicer **-60°C** 1 Litre

New generation all-season windscreen cleaner concentrate with cleaning formula, approved by DEKRA, and a pleasant citrus smell.
More powerful! Less wiper cycles / Less consumption!


  •  An excellent DEKRA-tested cleaning performance in both winter and summer test drives.
  •  Reliably eliminates soiling from oil, soot, salt and insects.
  •  Provides clear visibility in all weather.
  •  Does not contain allergenic fragrances in accordance with the detergent regulations.
  •  Significant reduction in consumption by optimised cleaning performance.
  •  Pleasant citrus smell.
  •  Compatible with fan sprays.
  •  Prevents freezing of the washing units.
  •  DEKRA tested very good material compatibility with rubber, paint, metal and plastic.
  •  Compatible with polycarbonate.


  •  All season use with all temperatures.
  •  To protect washers units from freezing.
  •  To clean very soiled windscreens.

***Can also be used as a very effective deicer***


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