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Tunap Micro Flex 926 EGR Carbon Remover / Cleaner

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Part Number: MF92600250W
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Tunap Micro Flex 926 EGR Carbon Remover / Cleaner

PROBLEM: Loss of power, rough idle, and elevated emissions result in more and more expensive repairs. The increasingly common causes of this are dirty or stuck EGR valves and carbonised parts in the intake and exhaust system.

SOLUTION: TUNAP EGR System Cleaner The unique XGel technology dissolves carbon contamination extremely quickly. The outstanding surface adhesion and coating properties ensure a very short penetration time and excellent dirt removal. Ideal for cleaning components contaminated with carbon deposits in the intake and exhaust gas system.

TUNAP EGR System Cleaner

  • Excellent cleaning effect for carbon-based residues
  • Very good surface coverage
  • Optimal working time
  • Excellent flow-off properties
  • No Solvents
  • Non-flammable

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