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Wurth DPF Super Concentrate 150ml

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Part Number: 5862200500

Wurth DPF Super Concentrate 150ml

Wurth DPF Super Concentrate-150ml

Reduces the burn-off temperature of soot trapped in the DPF, assisting in particulate filter regeneration.

Features: Active catalytic ingredients attach to carbon and soot particles trapped in the diesel particulate filter, reducing the burn-off temperature and enabling a more complete and efficient re-generation of the DPF, particularly in vehicles subject to prolonged urban driving cycles.

Application: Add the contents of the can to the fuel tank, minimum fuel level is half a tank, 150ml of concentrate is suitable for up to 60 litres of fuel. Do not over dose. If vehicle suffers regular particulate filter re-generation issues, we recommend using this in every second re-fuelling to help lower the burn point of the soot to aid lower temperature re-generation.

If the particulate filter is blocked , warning codes / lights are present on the dash, or if the vehicle is in limp mode, this product will help regenerate the filter. If after application the problem is still present, the particulate filter requires cleaning with Wurth Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner. Once the filter is clean, this product can be used in the fuel to help aid the reduction in burn-off temperature of the soot particles.

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