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Wurth Petrol Additive

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Wurth Petrol Additive

Wurth Petrol Additive


For all spark-ignition engines with or without catalyst


• Cleans the whole of the fuel system, removes resins, oxidation residues, reduces valve and combustion chamber deposits and maintains injector cleanliness.

• Can be used on a regular basis to enhance smooth running and performance of the vehicle.


• Contains an octane stabiliser.


• Helps lower engine emissions


• Can also be used if moisture, diesel and other residues have contaminated the fuel.

• Keeps fuel lines free from corrosion on older vehicles


(most new vehicles now have plastic fuel lines).


• Helps prevent problems experienced when low quality fuel is used.


Uses/Areas of Use:


• In event of contamination of fuel system, such as condensation.

 • In the event of the formation of resins and paint-like deposits forming on or in fuel lines, fuel pump, carburettor, valve seats and valves.


• At every service to maintain optimum performance and fuel economy.




Add contents of the can to the fuel tank.


Technical features/effects:


• Proven effective cleaning by a complete engine test.


• Corrosion prevention test meets DIN 50017 standards.


• Lubricates whilst cleaning.


Contains thermo-resistant alkaline wetting and cleaning agents


Your advantages:


• Prevents deposits in jets, intake system, valves and valve seats.

• Protects against icing in carburettors.


• Cleans paint-like deposits, resins and oxidation residues from fuel pump, fuel lines and carburettor


Your advantages:


• Extends life of catalyst and lambda probe through optimum combustion.


• Reduces fuel consumption through precise fuel preconditioning.


• Results in widespread dispersion of condensation in fuel tank


Your advantage:


• Keeps fuel lines and carburettor free of corrosion.


• Neutralises and binds acidic condensation


Your advantages:


• Protects fuel system from corrosion.


• Cleans and protects from fuel tank to combustion chamber.

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