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Wurth Rost Off Blue Ice Rust Nut Bolt Remover 400ml

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Wurth Rost Off Blue Ice Rust Nut Bolt Remover 400ml

High-quality rust remover with cracking effect and visual cold indicator

Cracking effect

By cooling the material surface down to -45°C, micro-fine cracks occur in the corrosion layer at the connection points. These “crack open” the rust, ensuring better penetration of the active agent


Visual cold indicator

When cooled to a minimum temperature of -5°C, the sprayed area turns blue. The processing temperature is achieved.


Optimum rust removal

  • Rust is quickly penetrated and loosens seized up screws
  • Heavily rusted screw connections are loosened without damaging them


Optimum corrosion protection due to addition of corrosion-protection additives

Long-term protection against further corrosion


Resin and acid-free


Compatible with rubber and seals

Application area

For non-destructive loosening of extremely rusty and oxidized screw connections on passenger cars, trucks, agricultural machines, construction machines, equipment and devices.


Remove as much of the coarse soiling as possible. Shake can before use. Spray the jammed parts (bolts) from an extremely short distance until the sprayed area turns blue. With stubborn parts, repeat the process.