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Wurth Windscreen Cleaner / Additive Screenwash 5 Litres

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Part Number: 892332850
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Wurth Windscreen Cleaner / Additive Screenwash 5 Litres

With anti-freeze for windscreen washer systems

Improved frost protection

Reliably and effectively prevents windscreen and headlamp washer units from freezing

Excellent, improved cleaning performance

Crystal-clear vision despite winter dirt such as road salt and other greasy road dirt

Gentle on materials

  • Does not attack polycarbonate glass
  • Gentle on paint and rubber

Suitable for fan nozzle

Suitable for all vehicle types

Easy-to-clean effect

  • The even and thin wetting of the window enables it to be cleaned easily.
  • Lasting cleaning effect, as dirt cannot adhere as quickly after use


Note on suitability for fan nozzles:

Due to the fluid’s viscosity, a fan-shaped spray jet can be ensured down to a temperature of -15°C with 1:1 dilution

Contents 5 l
Weight of content 4.55 kg
Chemical basis Water and ethanol
Smell/fragrance Lemon
Colour Blue
pH value 7.6
Max. anti-freeze -63 °C
Min. flashing point 23 °C
Density 0.911 g/cm³
Density conditions at 20°C
Shelf life from production 24 Month
AOX-free Yes
Silicone-free Yes
Bio-degradable Yes
Container Plastic canister


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