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Honda CR-V Roof Bars, Rails & Crossbars

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Adding roof bars, racks and rails to your Honda CR-V adds a whole world of possibilities. A Honda CR-V roof bar increases the storage capacity of your car and lets you transport all kinds of things. Finding genuine Honda CR-V racks, rails and roof bars is essential as a proper fit will prevent them from damaging your vehicle.

Honda CR-V bike racks are just one of the options for the top of your car. They’ll allow you to take your bicycles with you wherever you want to go. Bikes are just one of the things you can add to a roof rail though, and using the right roof bar for the job is important.

Cox Motor Parts is an authorised Honda dealer based in the north-west of England. We only stock genuine Honda parts and all parts are sold new. In addition to Honda CR-V parts we sell parts for other Honda ranges.

For the Honda CR-V we sell parts for the Honda CRV 1997-2001, the Honda CR-V 2002-2006, Honda CR-V 2007-2012, Honda CR-V 2013-2018 and the Honda CR-V 2019