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Honda CR-X

Genuine Honda CR-X Parts & Accessories

The Honda CR-X, despite having been out of production since 1991, to this day remains a popular vehicle amongst enthusiasts and, as such, we’re proud to offer a range of Honda CR-X parts, specifically at this moment in time replacement brake pads and brake discs. We understand that, on older vehicles, getting hold of genuine replacement parts can be difficult, however we’re confident that we offer the very best price online for CR-X parts and that we’re able to ensure you receive your parts quickly and efficiently.

Whether you’re carrying out planned maintenance or an emergency repair on your Honda CR-X, one thing is for sure and that is that you’ll need to replace brake pads and discs every so often and, when it comes to the time, you’ll most likely want to replace only with genuine Honda parts. The CR-X parts stocked by ourselves here at Cox Motor Parts are all genuine Honda and guarantee you won’t be compromising the quality of your car.

If you’re struggling to find the specific Honda CR- parts which you’re looking for, why not give one of our team a call on 01524 68071 where we’ll be only more than happy to help and ensure you order the right parts for your car. In addition, for your own reassurance, you’ll notice that we request your registration number alongside every order to ensure we’re able to double check that you’ve ordered the right parts before dispatching.

When it comes to Honda CR-X parts, look no further than Cox Motor Parts.