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Honda Jazz Spark Plugs

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Improve the fuel economy of your Honda Jazz by replacing the spark plugs at regular intervals. At Cox Motor Parts, we specialise in supplying genuine Honda parts for our customers, including Honda Jazz spark plugs. 

As a fully authorised dealer of Honda Jazz parts based in the North West, we have several spark plugs available for different models of Honda Jazz. Our sets of Honda Jazz spark plugs are currently for 2002 – 2008 models, 2009 – 2015 models, 2012-2015 models, and 2016 onwards models. We stock sets of 4 plugs and 8 plugs, depending on the model and engine you have. Check your manual for more details on the specific part needed. 

If you can’t find the parts or accessories you need for your car, take a look through our collection of Honda Jazz service parts

How often should you change Honda Jazz spark plugs?

Most experts suggest that you check and change your Honda Jazz spark plugs every 30,000 miles for best performance. However, this does vary depending on the specific model of the car you have and the way you drive. For example, if you rev your car’s engine a lot, you’ll likely need to replace the plugs more often. It’s best to check your manual for more details. 

Everything will wear over time, and this component is no different. There are a few signs you can look out for to know when you need to change your spark plugs, including:

  • Vehicle not starting or slow to start
  • Engine is misfiring or running poorly 
  • Acceleration is poor
  • A higher fuel consumption than normal 
  • Rough vehicle idle 

If your car has high-performance Honda Jazz spark plugs, you might need to replace these more often than standard spark plugs. Some vehicles will be fitted with long-life plugs, which mean you can leave them for longer before they need replacing. 

Once you’ve fitted new plugs in your car, you should see an improvement in fuel economy and notice your vehicle starts easily. 

How many spark plugs does a Honda Jazz have?

It depends on the model of Honda Jazz you have. All iDSI models have 8 spark plugs but iVTEC models only have 4 spark plugs. If you aren’t sure which engine is in your vehicle, it should say on the top of the engine. 

Dual spark ignition or DSI engines require 2 plugs per cylinder. Having 2 spark plugs per cylinder can improve your vehicle’s fuel economy by providing better combustion and offer faster fuel ignition.