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How Long Do Honda CR-V Tyres Last?

How Long Do Honda CR-V Tyres Last?

Making sure your car is properly maintained keeps you and others safe. Tyres play a key role in how your vehicle functions and it’s important to maintain them. Over time and with use, your Honda CR-V tyres will wear down. If the tyre tread depth drops to the legal minimum of 1.6mm, you’ll need to replace your tyres immediately. 

Whether you’ve noticed signs of wear in your tyres or want to know how long yours will last, our guide has everything you need to know. 

How long do tyres last?

The length of time a tyre will last depends on many factors. On average, tyres can last anywhere between 10,000 to 70,000 miles. However, this depends on several factors including useage, terrain driven on, how you drive, and whether any damage occurs to the tyre.

When should you replace the tyres on your Honda CR-V?

Keeping a proper maintenance schedule is the best way of knowing when replacement tyres are due. There are 3 significant milestones to monitor – mileage, time, and condition.

Regarding time, tyres have approximately up to 5 years of use. Based on those numbers, tyres will need regularly replacing.

There are some other key signs that your tyres need replacing, including:

  • Puncture in the tyre wall
  • Bubbles in the rubber
  • Large cracking along the tyre

Proper care includes having the tyres rotated regularly, keeping the tyres in proper alignment and inspecting for tread wear indicators (such as if the rubber is wearing unevenly).

What causes tyre damage on a Honda CR-V?

The vast majority of damage which tyres incur is simply due to usage. However, how a car is driven can also damage tyres. The more wear you put your car through, the more likely something will break down. Some of the most common things which result in damage to tyres are:

  • Potholes
  • Ignoring speed bumps
  • Driving over objects on the road
  • Not rotating the tyres
  • Not maintaining the proper air pressure
  • The tyres are not in balance
  • Driving excessively fast
  • Stopping quickly
  • Breaking hard
  • Using winter tyres during the summer and vice versa
  • Exposing tyres to unapproved sealants and chemicals
  • Not correcting problems which increase wear on the tyres

How to make your Honda CR-V car tyres last longer

Accelerate gently

Accelerating slowly and increasing speed gradually will drastically lengthen the life of a tyre. This prevents damage resulting from exposing a tyre to a significant amount of friction and heat in a brief period of time.

Allow for adequate braking time

The same goes for stopping. Bringing the wheels to a stop slowly allows the heat and friction to dissipate gradually and for the tyre to return to a calmer state. Breaking fast, hard, and suddenly while tyres are still softened from the heat and friction can simply tear tyres apart.

Check your tyre pressure often and ensure they are inflated properly

Like all car parts, it’s best to check your Honda CR-V parts and tyres regularly to help them last longer.

Generally, tyres lose air pressure simply by use. Air pressure should be checked at least once a month, especially before and after lengthy drives. Also, proper pressurisation is critical for driving in the snow, so checking air pressure is often recommended in the winter months.

An under-inflated tyre will contact the road unevenly and create uneven tread wear. Over-inflated tyres can lose contact with the road, resulting in less traction. Also, under-inflated tyres will be subjected to greater resistance levels on the road, which results in increased wear.

Both scenarios increase the likelihood of tyre damage and decrease safety and control while driving.

Your wheels need to be properly aligned

The primary reason for tyre alignment is to ensure even wear and traction. When you purchase four tyres as a set, all the tyres on the car have the same treadwear rating and should all last about the same amount of time and incur the same tread wear.

However, that rating is based upon each tyre being used equally. Proper care and tyre maintenance include alignment and balancing, which will extend the tyre’s life.

Rotate your tyres

For the same reasons as proper alignment and balance, rotating tyres ensure even use, traction and wear. Tyre rotation subjects all four tyres to the same wear and use, which not only lengthens the overall life of the tyres, but improves tread life resulting in better performance, cornering, and even braking.

What types of tyres are best for your Honda CR-V?

If a tyre handles better, the overall performance of your vehicle will be better. With that said, performance is based on individual expectations, preferences and brand.

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Does driving fast wear out your tyres?

Yes, driving at high speed creates increased friction and greater heat levels for the tyres. High heat levels cause the rubber to soften. Exposing soft rubber tyres to high friction levels can cause more wear. These conditions decrease tyre life and increase the chances of failure.

How do I check the tread depth on my Honda CR-V tyres?

The best way to check your tread depth is by using a tread depth gauge. The legal minimum for tire tread depth is 1.6mm.

How often should I rotate tyres on my Honda CR-V?

Generally speaking, tyres should be rotated after every 5,000 to 7,500 miles driven. Most people simply get their tyres rotated with each oil change. The CR-V is a front-wheel-drive vehicle so the front will wear faster than the rear. It’s essential to check the owner’s manual and see what it states explicitly for your car.

Do you have to replace all four tyres at once on a Honda CR-V?

If all four tyres are wearing the same, then they should all be replaced. If only one tyre is worn and the others still have excellent tread, then it is OK to replace only the bad tyre. However, if you have an all-wheel-drive vehicle, replacing all four tyres simultaneously is always recommended.

Discover the right tyres for your Honda CR-V

When it’s time to replace the tyres on your Honda, you’ll need to find the right parts for your vehicle. At Cox Motor Parts, we only stock genuine Honda parts which offer the highest quality for your vehicle. Whether you need new parts for your Honda CR-V or Honda Civic parts, we have you covered.

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