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How to Change and Replace Wiper Blades

Winder Wipers

Your wiper blades may only be small, but they are vital for your car. Having them function correctly is essential for your safety on the road, particularly in unfavourable conditions. As with all elements of your vehicle, big or small, regular maintenance is key. Wipers will degrade over time. However, there’s no need to worry as you can change the wipers on your car yourself.

Here at Cox Motor Parts, we have everything you need to keep your car on the road. We only supply genuine Honda parts which are perfect for all models, from Honda Civic parts to Honda Jazz parts.

So if you find yourself needing to fix your windscreen wipers, read on. We have put together a step by step guide on how to change and replace wiper blades so you can get back on the road in no time.

When should you replace wiper blades?

To keep your Honda running smoothly all year round, it is recommended that you change your windscreen wipers whenever they become damaged or perished. This is because windscreen wipers are exposed to all the elements and can become worn down by sun exposure, snow and frost.

You should check your wiper blades regularly for any signs of wear and tear, especially before a long journey. There are tell-tale signs to look out for that may indicate that your wiper blades need replacing. These include squeaking or screeching; your wiper blades should be silent if working correctly.

Streaking, smearing or missing parts of the window could mean they are worn down or not fitted correctly. Failure to clear water and debris from your windscreen could also mean you need replacement blades.

If you have worn wiper blades that need replacing, you can follow these easy steps to fit new blades yourself.

Why replace your wiper blades?

Improve visibility

Windscreen wipers are vital for visibility when driving in difficult conditions. They need to be working correctly for us to see the road ahead, particularly in heavy rain, snow or hail.

They also help clear the windscreen from dirt which could impair your visibility. If you keep on top of your car maintenance, you can ensure old wiper blade issues won’t let you down.

Protect your windscreen

Windscreen wipers will protect your windscreen from damage. When working correctly, they quickly remove debris and dirt from the windscreen that may get thrown up during driving, especially at high speeds.

Clearing debris from your windscreen will help prevent chips that can soon become a crack and a bigger problem for your windscreen glass as a whole.

What causes wiper blades to deteriorate?

Wear and tear

Wear and tear happens to everything over time. Car maintenance should include replacement wiper blades regularly. They will become worn over time due to overuse and can be affected by the elements they are exposed to, such as the sun and frost.

UV rays

You may not realise it, but your wiper blade can be affected by UV rays. This is because they are constantly exposed to the sun’s rays, which can make the rubber harden and become brittle over time.

The rubber section of your wiper blade is the part that sweeps across the glass, cleaning it smoothly. If it becomes too affected by the sun’s UV rays and hardens, it will no longer be able to sweep correctly, meaning it won’t clear the screen successfully.

Washer fluid

Washer fluid is an important component that helps your wipers function properly. The solution, along with the movement of properly fitted wipers, means you can clear your windscreen perfectly whilst still on the move.

However, the washer fluid contains chemicals that can damage rubber over time. One of the main components of the wiper blade is the rubber section that is in constant contact with your windscreen.

Over time the constant use of the windscreen wash can degrade the wiper blade. The blade is made of plastic which can also be affected by continued exposure to the chemicals in the solution.

Rain and cold

The most obvious reason for you needing to change wiper blades is that they are affected by the elements. The blades are constantly exposed to UV rays from the sun, but the worst for the wipers is frost.

Frozen windscreen wipers can cause damage to the wiper blade, meaning they won’t function as well as they should. Frost can cause such problems that in severe weather conditions, it is advised that you remove the wiper blades overnight to keep them away from the frost.

This will add some time to your morning routine; however, with our quick and easy guide to fixing wiper blades, you can get them on again in no time!

How to change Honda Civic wiper blades: Step-by-step guide

Knowing how to change and replace wiper blades on your car keeps your vehicle on the road and can save you money. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to change your wiper blades on a Honda Civic. The process will likely be similar for other models of Honda, but if you have any questions check your user manual for more details. 

Step 1: Purchase the parts

You need to make sure you have the correct replacement blades for your make and model of car. Check your car handbook for specifics. Windscreen wipers come in different lengths for different vehicles. Honda Civic wiper blades are shaped to fit the curvature of the glass.

We stock genuine Honda Civic parts that meet the high standards of Honda.

Step 2: Pull the blades up

Pull each old wiper arm up and away from the windscreen. This will make it easier for you to access the mechanism.

Step 3: Remove the blades

On each of the old wiper blades, there will be a small peg clip that you can press down and into the arm to remove it, or there will be a pinch clip around halfway down each blade which you pinch in from each side. You can loosen each blade by pressing the clips and sliding each old wiper out.

Step 4: Install the new wiper blades

You are now ready to fit your new wiper blades. Gently place each new blade into position. The hooked end needs to point towards the wiper attachment. As you begin to slide it upwards in the holder, listen out for a click. This means it has slotted into place.

If your windscreen wipers have a pinch clip holder, you will need to open up this blade clamp by applying a little pressure. This will make space for the new blades to slide into it. Once the first one is in place and has clicked, you can now do the same for the other one.

Step 5: Test them out

Once you are happy that the new wiper arm has clicked into place, you can gently pivot the wiper and lower the entire blade back into position, followed by the other one. Then, jump into your car, try the windscreen wash, and watch how your wiper blades work.

Make sure there are no streaks, squeaking or gaps. If this is the case, you will need to check the wiper arm and make sure it is fitted correctly. If not, you can simply repeat the process of removing and replacing the wiper arm.

Once done, check again. When they seem to be working well, try the rear windscreen wiper to ensure that this wiper blade is working correctly.

FAQs about Honda wiper blades

Which wiper blades are best for a Honda Civic?

As a genuine authorised Honda dealer, we stock a variety of Honda Civic wiper blades to suit all models, including the Honda Civic 5-door, Honda Civic Type-R and the Honda Civic Hybrid.

We have a range of front wiper blade sets, driver side wiper blades, passenger side blades, and rear wiper blades. We also have Honda Civic wiper blade covers.

Can I just change one wiper blade?

You can change just one wiper blade if it is not working correctly. However, it is advised that if one has let you down, the other probably won’t be far behind. If you only replace one old wiper blade, they may begin to work at different rates.

It is best to replace both at the same time. This way, you know they will both be functioning at the same level, and it saves you the hassle of replacing the other one further down the line.

How long does a set of windscreen wiper blades usually last?

A new set of windscreen wipers should last for at least six months if looked after well. You could get a year out of them, but it depends on usage and exposure to elements. If you regularly clean them and make sure they are working well, they will keep you safe on the road for a good while.

Find the right Honda parts for your vehicle

At Cox Motor Parts, we stock a wide range of genuine Honda parts from wiper blades to Honda oils and fluids. If you need any help finding the right part for your model, get in contact with our team.

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