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Introducing the brand new Honda e

Introducing The Honda E

We are excited about the launch of the Honda e and you should be too. With its unique blend of retro and modern design along with its high-tech features, the Honda e is the perfect city driving car. At Cox Motor Parts, we are already sourcing parts for this exciting vehicle ahead of its release. Read below to find out about its pricing, specs and when you can expect to see it on the road.

How much will a Honda e cost?

After making its debut at the Frankfurt motor show, Honda have now confirmed that the prices of the much-anticipated Honda e will start from £26,160 in the UK after the £3500 plug-in grant. For the standard Honda e, PCP deals will begin from £299 per month with a £6,000 deposit.

Alongside the 134bhp standard model of the Honda e electric car, there will also be a higher-spec 151bhp Honda e Advance model. The Advance model will be available for a slightly higher price of £28,660 after the plugin grant and will start out around £349 per month on a PCP deal. For drivers within London, the Honda e also comes with the adding bonus of exemption from the rather pricey congestion charge.

How fast is the Honda e?

In the past, electric cars have not been too popular with those looking for a punchy drive, but at 0-62mph in 10 seconds, the Honda e is sure to appeal. With its single pedal control and without any gears to worry about, acceleration is as simple as pressing your foot down.

The Honda e features two drive modes. Its normal mode allows for a quiet and refined drive while its Sport mode increases the car’s responsiveness while adjusting suspension for better movement around sharp corners.

How does it handle?

With its notably low centre of gravity and even 50:50 weight distribution, the Honda e has been built with manoeuvrability in mind. Central to this is the car’s rear-mounted powerful electric motor which does, indeed, mean that the Honda e is rear-wheel drive. With the improved traction that results from this feature, the Honda e will feel predictable and agile to drive.

The innovative chassis of the Honda e also allows for exceptional handling comfort. Its independent lightweight aluminium suspension has been designed to tackle even the bumpiest of urban roads.

How far can it go on a charge?

With a single charge, the standard Honda e will be able to cover up to 136 miles while the more powerful Advance model will offer around 125 miles. To fully charge the new Honda e, a standard 7kW home wallbox will take 5 hours while a 100kW rapid charger will be able to charge to 80% in 30 minutes. For charging on the motorway, the 50kW chargers found at service stations will be able to charge to 80% in under an hour.

When it comes to charging the Honda e electric car, convenience and reliability have been central to its design. Its high-capacity 35.5 kWh Lithium-ion battery is able to use either a Type 2 AC connector or a CCS2 DC rapid charger. The charging point on the car has been integrated into the bonnet with the charging status indicated clearly by LED. 

A Familiar and Modern Design

If you are as keen on all things Honda as us, the Honda e’s design is sure to capture your imagination. With its shape reminiscent of the incredibly popular first Honda Civic model, the Honda e feels familiar in design while also hinting at a future where electric cars are more prominent. Most clearly, this is highlighted in the Honda e’s traditional hatchback shape that removes conventional door mirrors. These have been replaced with rear-facing cameras that give the car a slightly more aerodynamic appearance. 

With its smart single panel front that includes headlights, radar and a multi-view camera, the new Honda e’s appearance is effective in its minimal design. Similarly, the same can be said for the car’s interior which is spacious and calming. Without a centre console, the interior is made to feel wider with a full-screen infotainment panel that is both eye-catching and neatly functional.    

The Technology

As any forward-thinking electric car should be, the new Honda e is tech-oriented. This breaks down into two key areas: Honda Sensing and the Honda+ app. 

Honda Sensing

From making subtle corrections to the car’s steering to ensure that it is not veering off the road, to blind spot radar detection, Honda Sensing has been rolled out across models since 2015 and for good reason. As with other past models, this smart technology runs at the core of the Honda e’s driving experience with a few extra features.

  • Lead Car Departure Notification System – As the name might suggest, this feature is able to alert you when the driver in front has moved off, letting you know the way is clear.
  • Collision Mitigation Throttle Control – This system is there to prevent sudden acceleration when following cars in traffic. This means that, should the driver ahead quickly break, the Honda e will react automatically.
  • Low Speed Brake Function – Using its radar technology, the Honda e will make brake for you at low speeds if you happen to be close to an object that you may not have seen.

Honda+ App

The My Honda+ app allows drivers to seamlessly connect with the Honda e’s advanced technology. By allowing easy monitoring of the charge status of the car, its location, and security all from a smartphone, drivers can have complete control.

This smart app even allows drivers to pre-programme sat-nav directions without being in their car, search for nearby charging stations, and set the car’s interior temperature before entering. These features are what make the Honda e such a perfect get-up-and-go car for city driving.    

Where and when can I buy one?

Currently, there has not been a set date for the release of the Honda e but it is expected to start shipping this Summer. In the mean time, we will be building up our parts and accessories ahead of its release. Visit Honda’s overview page for the Honda e where you can go even deeper on the specs or reserve it ahead of its release.