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The Honda Connect: What Is It And Why Is It Awesome?

Equipped in Honda’s new 2015-2015 models comes the Honda Connect, a new android based communication and entertainments system. But exactly is it and how easy is it to use? We have been having a play and have everything you need to know about the Connect.

What Exactly Is It?

Honda are billing the Connect as an ‘infotainment system’, but what exactly is it? The Connect is a 7-inch touchscreen which enables you to make hands-free bluetooth phone calls, has an in-built Garmin Sat-Nav, an Android interface (which contains a number of great apps) as well as a number of different ways to connect your mobile devices (HDMI, bluetooth, Wifi, USB and MirrorLink).

Why Android Is Great

If you are not aware of Android or haven’t used it before, Android is an open-source operating system used on smartphones and tablets. Basically anything not made by Apple is generally run by Android.

The Connect is one such product run by Android, and is very easy to use even for the most technophobic of drivers. The touch screen is clear and easy to navigate and the basic apps (such as music player and web browser) are very clear. You are also able to download further Android apps through their app store if you so choose.

Whilst being an Android system, this doesn’t limit its connectivity to just Android phones or tablets, it can accommodate for connectivity from iOS (Apple) products such as your iphone or ipad. The mirror link connectivity means you can connect your phone through the HDMI link and the touch screen will then appear as your phone/tablet display.

Music Systems

The Bluetooth connection gives you the opportunity to link up your phone or tablet, meaning you can play whatever music library you hold on those devices. The clear display also helps a great deal so that you don’t have to look at your phone to check what is playing or to change the song.

The DAB radio system is also great if radio is more your thing. As well as picking up all FM stations, you can find those great digital stations which are otherwise neglected by standard FM radio sets. A DAB radio also gives you a much crisper and consistent sound quality for medium wave stations such as 5 live.

So Where Can I Find It?

The Connect is installed in all of Honda’s new medium and premium range models. These are the Honda CR-V, The Honda Civic 5 Door, Honda Civic Type-R and Honda Civic Tourer models, the Honda H-RV and the Honda Jazz.

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