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Top 10 Honda Service Items Infographic

Here at Cox Motor Parts, we always get people asking us about which parts they will need to keep their Honda in the best possible condition and what is required when it comes to servicing so we’ve put together a list of the 10 most common service items a car is likely to need, check it out below.

Top 10 Honda Service Items Infographic

Text Transcript:

Brake Discs

• A vital part of the braking system
• Front brakes often wear out faster than rear brakes
• If your brake pads are worn, you’ll hear a screeching sound when pushing the brake pedal

Brake Pads

• Important to keep braking system at optimal working condition
• Worn brake pads reduce the effectiveness of your braking and could potentially cause collisions
• Durable and long-lasting brake pads result in better car performance and less maintenance

Spark Plugs

• Spark plugs ignite the air and fuel mixture to get your vehicle moving
• If you have trouble starting your vehicle, spark plugs are a common reason
• If your vehicle accelerates slowly, then it could also be due to spark plugs

Air Filter

• Air filters need to be changed to keep your car running efficiently
• Decreased miles per gallon is a common sign of a clogged filter
• Generally need to replace the air filter every 15,000 miles

Oil Filter

• Oil filters help to remove contaminants from the car engine’s oil
• Often replaced whenever your oil is changed
• If you drive in severe conditions like stop-and-go traffic or need to tow heavy objects, then you’ll need to replace your oil filter more frequently

Pollen Filter

• Pollen filter helps to keep the air in your vehicle clean
• Recommended to be replaced every 30,000 miles, but can change depending on driving conditions and the manual
• Needs frequent replacements if you drive close to lots of trees and foliage

Fuel Filter

• Removes dust, dirt and rust particles from your fuel
• Filters clog up over time, causing the fuel pump to work harder
• Can lead to engine breaking down or engine damage from contaminated fuel


• Oil needs to be changed because it can wear out and becomes less effective at lubricating your engine
• Recommended to replace oil every 12,500 miles or 12 months
• Often replace the oil filter at the same time


• Works with your engine’s cooling system
• Effectiveness of coolant gradually decreases and needs to be replaced
• Coolant should be changed every two years


• Screenwash essential for keeping your windscreen clear for better visibility
• Can easily run out of screenwash if used regularly when driving in poor conditions
• Regular replacements can keep your windscreen wipers from smearing your windscreen