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Why Buy Genuine Honda Parts?

We’re proud to stock genuine Honda parts here at Cox Motor Parts, however a common question which we get asked time and time again is what is the benefit on purchasing these as opposed to aftermarket parts? It’s seemingly the case that many simply don’t understand the difference between these two options for purchasing car parts and, as such, we wanted to take a look at the benefits of opting for genuine Honda parts, looking at the different available parts in turn:

Genuine Honda Brake Pads & Brake Discs
When buying genuine Honda brake pads and discs, you are ensuring an optimum balance for braking performance (braking power, stability and durability of pads and discs). You’ll find that they’ll significantly reduce squealing as well as other abnormal noises as well, offering an all-round better pad or disc. From a safety perspective, you can rest assured that all genuine Honda brake discs and pads have undergone extensive testing to ensure they’re the most suitable part for the model in question.

Genuine Honda Oil Filters
All genuine Honda oil filters use a unique design with an irregular fold. Aftermarket oil filters will use a regular fold which, as far as Honda are concerned, aren’t as efficient. An oil filter is there to filter out metallic powder and other contaminants as a result of oxidation and return clean oil back to the engine. As such, to prevent engine damage, it’s important that you choose the most effective filter. Honda’s unique irregular fold design means an increase in surface area and, as such, superior filtration. In addition, when the engine is stopped, these irregular folds mean that oil is prevented from draining away and that, once the car is started, oil is supplied to required areas straight away.

Genuine Honda Air Filters
Genuine Honda Air Filters use an original viscous type of filter which means that the air cleaning elements have a special oil applied to ensure optimal performance. Air intake efficiency remains high whilst a proprietary filter material and structure mean the air filter has a long operating life; something which everyone wants to hear. By buying genuine Honda air filters, you’ll not only ensure optimal performance but also that you won’t be needing to replace as often as you would with using alternatives. Air filters prevent dirt and dust from getting into an engine and help to ensure a car can perform at it’s very best.

Genuine Honda Fuel Filters
Engines require clean fuel and that’s where the fuel filter comes in, helping to remove any dirt before the fuel is supplied to the engine. As such, an efficient fuel filter is vital for both the performance and sustainability of your engine. Genuine Honda fuel filters are guaranteed to be the most effective ones for your Honda, ensuring premium performance and prolonged life of your car’s engine. If a fuel filter becomes blocked, this can cause poor performance and acceleration and, as such, purchasing the right one is absolutely essential.

At the end of the day, to guarantee the very best performance from your Honda, you shouldn’t even consider anything except genuine Honda parts! Its those which have been tested rigorously to product the very best parts for each model and, as such, those which will offer premium performance whilst helping to extend the lifespan of your engine!