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5 Star Safety Across Honda’s 2015 Range

One of the most important things to look for in a new car, perhaps even more so for parents, is its safety rating. With recent reports of certain Vauxhall Zafira models bursting into flames, it’s good to know that even if the worst happens, you and your family will be safe no matter the damage. It therefore makes great reading to see that Honda’s 2015 releases picked up official 5 star NCAP safety ratings during testing. Here some of the specifics about the models and some info on how NCAP works.


The European New Car Assessment Programme is the official European car safety performance analyst which has been running since 1997 and is seen as the authoritative voice on car safety in Europe. 

Their ratings work on a 0-5 star system, with 5 stars obviously ranking best for “overall good performance in crash protection. Well equipped with robust crash avoidance technology”. Euro NCAP stress that the most recent years ratings should be seen as the most relevant as safety technology consistently alters, so a 5 star rating from 10 years ago may not still be classed 5 stars.

NCAP compiles its ratings by analysing car safety across 4 fronts; adult occupants, child occupants, pedestrian impact and safety assist. Each of the four sections are scored on a points system, with points awarded for different safety success in the cars features, such as seat belts and air bags. For example on the 2015 Honda Jazz report in the adult occupants section, the car scored 35.5 points, a 93% score.

Honda Takes Safety Seriously

Automotive regulations mean that cars have to be up to a certain safety rating before being allowed out on our roads, however Honda believes in going above and beyond the bench mark, likely the reason why the brand consistently picks up 5 stars com NCAP.

Back in 2000, Honda opened an indoor multi-directional crash-test-safety facility in Japan which at the time was a worlds first for car manufacturers. Since then it has opened additional ones around the globe so that every model can be as thoroughly tested as possible before it goes to the official test centres.

A further safety advancement was fitting all models released as of 2008 with side curtain airbags to better protect the head and neck regions of passengers and to reduce the risk of being hit by any moving objects such as loose glass from the window side.

Most recently, Honda applied to all their new cars from 2012 their intelligent Vehicle Stability Assist which automatically applies braking to individual wheels during under or oversteer to help your car correct itself.

2015’s Five Star Cars

2015 has been a big release year for new Honda models and NCAP have been busy testing the new Civic range, H-RV and Jazz, all of which picked up a 5 star rating.

The Jazz is ranked in the Supermini section and scored no lower than 71% in all four of the categories with a high of 93% on adult occupant. This is even more impressive when taking into account the pedestrian category is often one of the most difficult to score an average of 70% on.The 2015 HR-V similarly impressed with 72% in the pedestrian category, something which can be particularly trickier for bigger vehicles to score in.

If you take your car safety as seriously as we do at Cox Motor Parts, one of the UK’s leading dealers of genuine Honda parts, then you can’t really do any better than by getting yourself a Honda.