0W-30 Oil

0W-30 Engine Oil

Over the years it’s not just engines and cars that have advanced. The oil and lubricants we use in our vehicles have come on leaps and bounds too. 0W-30 engine oil is just one of these developments. It’s been engineered to work with the modern stresses that more modern engines are put under.

Not sure if 0W-30 is the right oil for you? We can help you choose the right engine oil for your Honda. We stock a variety of engine oils, including OW-20 oil, OW-30 oil, 5W-30 oil and 5W-40 oil.

0W-30 oil has been engineered with your vehicle’s efficiency in mind. It’s designed to offer the optimal viscosity at both low and high temperatures. It’s a fully synthetic oil that’s been created with your car’s fuel efficiency in mind. 0W-30 engine oils are designed to flow like a 0 weight oil even when it’s cold, but are specifically engineered to keep your parts protected in the same way as a heavier oil.

At Cox Motor Parts we offer a selection of 0W-30 oils from CastrolMobil and of course Genuine Honda 0W-30 oil, all of which can be seen below. We are confident in all the brands we stock, and each is certified by Honda. This means both the Castrol 0W30 oil or the Mobil 0W30 are both excellent choices. We also stock different grades of Honda engine oil if you need something different.

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