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Engine Oil for Honda Vehicles & Other Cars

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If you’re looking to purchase genuine Honda oils and fluids, look no further than Cox Motor Parts. We stock engine oil and fluids either manufactured by Honda or by trusted partners. We understand the importance for Honda drivers of using only genuine Honda parts when carrying out repairs and maintenance on your vehicle and, as far as we’re concerned, that should include oil and fluid changes as well!

By using only that which is supplied by Honda, you can ensure you’re maintaining the performance of your vehicle and, as such, it comes strongly recommended. You’ll find an extensive range of Honda engine oils and fluids at highly competitive, online prices.

We are also an official stockist of Castrol Engine Oil & Mobil Engine Oil. Known as one of the finest producers of motor oils in the world, you can be assured you’ll only find the very best motor oils for your vehicle.

We also stock a number of other fluids for your car to help keep it operating at peak performance.

Car oil to protect your engine

Protecting your engine from the stresses of modern use is more important than ever. With engines running increasingly powerful vehicles in extreme conditions you need to make sure you find the right motor oil to keep it running smoothly. We stock oil from Castrol and Mobil as well as oil manufactured directly by Honda.

All of our car oil, even the ones manufactured by Honda, are suitable for a wide variety of vehicles, including Vauxhall, Jaguar, Aston Martin, BMW, Volkswagen, and more. Browse our range and find the right car engine oil for your motor.

Not sure what engine oil is best for your car? Read our in-depth oil information guide, where you can quickly find out which type of oil is best suited to your Honda vehicle, whether you’re looking for diesel engine oil, or 0W-20 oil0W-30 oil, or 5W-30 oil, or 5W-40 oil.

Car fluids to look after your vehicle

Outside of engine oil, we also stock a number of different car fluids that are designed to keep your vehicle in top condition. You’ll find official Honda transmission fluids, anti-freeze, screenwash, brake fluid, gear oil, and much more available. Find the very best motor fluids for your vehicle at Cox Motor Parts.