Genuine Honda Civic FD2 Parts and Accessories

Experience a seamless shopping experience for Honda Civic FD2 parts and accessories with Cox Motor Parts. Our reliable online platform offers only authentic and genuine Honda Civic FD2 spare parts. Count on us to get your required parts swiftly and accurately to your desired location.

Honda Civic FD2: A Beautifully Crafted Sports Sedan

The Honda Civic FD2 is a perfect blend of style and functionality, becoming a top choice among Japanese domestic car enthusiasts. First released to the Japanese market on 30 March 2007, with its versatile sports sedan design, it’s ideal not just for family outings or daily commutes but also for high-speed adventures.

Known for its performance-driven engine and longevity, the Civic FD2 guarantees a reliable and thrilling riding experience. This JDM Type-R was initially marketed as a 4-door sports sedan rather than the 3-door hot hatch seen in Europe due to the slightly wider and longer design than the EP3 Type-R. Needless to say, there was soon a huge demand to import these into Europe and the UK.

A Broad Array of Honda Civic FD2 Parts for Your Specific Model

Each Honda Civic FD2 is crafted to precision, boasting unique features and attributes. That’s why we are committed to catering to all Civic FD2 models, ensuring you have access to the parts you need. Our expansive collection makes finding Honda Civic FD2 parts online easier than ever.

Why Choose Genuine Parts for Your Honda Civic FD2?

If you have gone to the lengths required to import a Civic FD2, you want to make sure it stays in top condition by using genuine parts and when you need to carry out routine maintenance. As a renowned provider of genuine Honda Civic FD2 parts in the UK, we ensure you get the finest components that fit your vehicle without a hitch.

By providing a range of genuine Honda Civic FD2 parts, we ensure the best fit and performance for your specific model. Whether you’re looking to purchase brake pads, clutch kits, suspension components, or a complete set of essential replacement parts or accessories, we’re confident you’ll find exactly what you’re searching for at a highly competitive price.

Cox Motor Parts: The Pioneer in Genuine Parts

As an authorised dealer of genuine Honda parts in the UK, we are dedicated to providing only the correct parts for your car. We serve a wide array of Honda models on our online platform, extending our top-notch service across the UK, so we are sure to have exactly what you need.

However, if you’re struggling to find what you are looking for, please email us at, and we can add it to the site. We aim to ensure that your Honda is provided with only the best. Also, we always ask for your car registration (GB) or VIN (Non-GB) to double-check that your ordered parts suit your vehicle. For any questions or if you’re unsure, always feel free to give us a call.

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