Honda Civic Type-S Spare Parts & Accessories

The Honda Civic has been one of the manufacturer’s most popular models since its inception. The Civic Type-S, in particular, stands as Honda’s ‘mildly sporty’ version of the Civic – not quite as aggressive as the Civic Type-R, yet a fantastic specimen in its own right. For those searching for an affordable, reliable, and sporty car, the Civic Type-S seemingly offers everything without compromising on much.

However, whilst an excellent model, the Civic Type-S comes with a few common faults:

  • Cooling system pipework
  • Poor or smoky diesel start-up
  • Sat-nav system
  • Noisy front suspension
  • Handbrake travel

Luckily, as a Honda Type-S part supplier, we can provide everything you need to have your car back up and running in no time.

Keep Your Car Reliable with Genuine Honda Civic Type-S Parts

All cars require regular maintenance to maintain their reliability. This sometimes means having to replace worn-out or broken parts. At Cox Motor Parts, we firmly believe you can’t beat ‘the real deal’. Paton parts or non-genuine components may often be the cheaper option but won’t provide the quality and reliability of the parts approved by Honda. This can lead to faulty replacements and even reduce the part’s longevity. Sticking to the part made specifically for your car ensures quality and reliability.

That’s why we proudly provide an excellent range of Honda Civic Type-S accessories and parts from genuine Honda manufacturers. This includes all necessary Honda Civic Type-S spare parts such as replacement brake pads, brake discs, or even replacement lighting. We stock only the best parts from Honda for your Civic Type-S.

Honda Civic Type-S Parts UK: All You Need, All in One Place

Are you struggling to find specific parts and accessories for your Type-S? We welcome your queries! Feel free to call us at 01524 68071, where our team will be more than happy to cater to your needs. We can offer you an extensive range of Honda Civic Type-S parts at affordable prices. What’s more, we have some of the best deals around.

In addition, each of our product pages includes a registration number field. This ensures that we double-check you’ve added the right Honda Civic Type-S parts to your basket before dispatching. We know how frustrating it can be to get the wrong part, and with so many models catered for on our site, this number helps you get the right part every time.

Shop Honda Civic Type-S Parts Online with Confidence

Whatever part you may be looking for, place your trust in us. We aim to meet all your needs while offering convenience and quality service. Whether you are looking for replacement parts or Honda accessories, we offer all this and so much more. Your satisfaction and the smooth operation of your vehicle are our commitment. Trust Cox Motor Parts for your Type-S auto parts needs.

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