5W-30 Oil

Many Honda vehicles are designed with economical driving in mind. While many cars will face extreme temperatures and need oil like the 5W-40 oil, many others won’t need to worry about dealing with such high temperatures. 5W-30 engine oil has been specifically designed to help cars deal with extremely low temperatures but also cars that don’t need to worry about higher temperatures.

Not sure if 5W-30 is the right oil for your vehicle? Choose the right engine oil for your Honda to maximise performance. We stock a variety of engine oils, including OW-20 oil, OW-30 oil, 5W-30 oil and 5W-40 oil.

5W-30 oil has been engineered to offer performance at cold temperatures of down to -30°C and up to highs of 30°C, making it suitable for many UK Honda drivers and those looking to drive economically.

At Cox Motor Parts we stock genuine 5W-30 oil that’s manufactured directly by Honda, as well as 5W-30 engine from Castrol and Mobil, which are all suitable for all types of car, not just Honda! If you need another oil grade then we can help there too as we stock a number of different types of Honda engine oil & fluid.

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