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5W-40 Oil

5W40 Engine Oil

Many cars are designed for specific environments, whether it’s high speed or the wear and tear of city driving. The oil you use is no different. 5W-40 engine oil has been specially designed to help cars that face extremes, whether it’s particularly cold weather combined with higher temperatures or cars that have to sit in traffic.

Not sure if 5W-40 is the right oil for your vehicle? Choose the right engine oil for your Honda to maximise performance.

5W-40 oil has been expertly engineered to offer optimal performance at extreme temperatures. This means the oil is just as viscous at -30°C as it is as higher temperatures like 50°C. This is one of the reasons it works so well in high-performance vehicles and can improve both fuel efficiency and the longevity of your parts.

We stock 5W-40 engine oil from the best producers on the market, including Castrol and Mobil as well as genuine Honda 5W-40 oil. We only stock genuine parts and accessories or ones that have been produced by Honda certified technicians. If you need another grade then we can help there too as we stock a number of different types of Honda engine oil & fluid.