Honda Civic Type-R Spare Parts & Accessories

The Honda Civic Type R promises adept performance without compromising fuel efficiency. This racing-inspired car features a revamped minimalist interior design infused with red accents, faux carbon fibre trim, and ultra-comfortable front seats. Manufactured and produced by Honda since 1996, this car has been on the hot list for motor enthusiasts for many years.

Owning a Honda Civic Type R is an incredible experience. But while Honda is one of the most reliable cars out there, it comes with their faults, such as the gearbox, hand brake wear and the usual wear and tear which comes with the car. Using only genuine Honda Civic Type R components is crucial to maintain its superior performance and keep it in optimal condition. These parts cater specifically to your vehicle’s requirements and uphold Honda’s commitment to reliability and excellence.

Honda Civic Type R Parts and Accessories

The Type R stands at the top in performance in Honda’s widely lauded Civic series. Packed with remarkable horsepower and a razor-sharp chassis, the Type R has solidified its place in the high-performance car sector. At Cox Motor Parts, we acknowledge the Type R’s distinctiveness and have meticulously assembled a comprehensive assortment of Honda Civic Type R parts and accessories.

To make sure you get the correct part for your needs, we’ve made it easier to find the Honda Civic Type R model you have. We stock parts for the following:

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Genuine Parts, Competitive Prices

Maintaining your Honda Civic Type R’s performance, reliability, and integrity involves opting for genuine Honda parts. Genuine Honda Civic Type R parts and accessories embody rigorous manufacturing standards, offering flawless integration and compatibility with your vehicle. These components are designed to function optimally, ensuring that your Civic Type R operates at its best, extending its lifespan and safeguarding your investment.

As a leading provider of Honda Civic Type R parts online, we ensure you get only the best components for your vehicle. We offer an extensive range of genuine Honda Civic Type R parts for various models and generations. Whether you’re looking to purchase brake pads, brake discs, suspension parts, clutch kits or a whole host of other essential replacement parts or accessories, we’re confident you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for alongside a highly competitive price which you’ll struggle to beat elsewhere!

Verify Your Honda Civic Type R Vehicle Registration Number/VIN

We understand the importance of buying the correct parts for your car. Whilst our website makes finding your model easy, we also provide a convenient box across all products where you can enter your vehicle registration number/VIN to guarantee the right specification.

This means when your part arrives, there are no problems, and it makes our ordering process much more efficient for both our team and your needs. However, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts.

For genuine Honda Civic parts and accessories, think Cox Motor Parts.

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