Honda Engine Oil – Why You should only use Genuine

Overview Changing your Honda engine oil is something we all have to do at some point, but when that time comes we often find ourselves not only asking which type should we buy but also; Can I use just any engine oil?What do the numbers and letters mean?Which type should I use for my Honda… Read More »

Debunking Electric Car Myths and Misconceptions

Over the past few years, electric vehicles (EVs) have become extremely popular, emerging as the most promising alternative to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles for drivers around the world. However, new solutions are surrounded by confusion that frequently clouds the perception of the facts. In fact, despite their growing popularity and proven advantages, many potential… Read More »

The Volkswagen Polo: Small Car, Big Legacy

The Volkswagen Polo is one of those cars that certainly made history. Launched in 1975, it quickly became a favourite among drivers from all over the world, thanks to its iconic design and standout features, leaving its unique mark on the automotive world. But why did the Polo become such a distinctive car among the… Read More »

How Investing in Quality Car Parts Benefits Your Savings

When it comes to maintaining our vehicles healthy and performative, it’s easy to fall into the trap of seeking out the most affordable options available on the market. After all, saving some money upfront is tempting and can seem like a wise financial decision, at least initially. But the truth is that when it comes… Read More »

Cox Motor Group Salvage Parts

Here at Cox Motor Parts we are now offering salvaged parts from various makes and models from across Cox Motor Group. These parts will be available via our ebay store or can be purchased directly. For all enquiriesPlease click the buttonClick HereMessage us on WhatsAppText: 07824066011 Currently in the workshop: FORD GALAXY MK3 BREAKING FULL… Read More »

The Ultimate Guide to Regular Maintenance for Your Honda

Renowned for their reliability and quality, Hondas deliver excellent performance, sleek design, and groundbreaking technologies across an impressive range of models. Owning a Honda isn’t just about the joy of driving an exceptional vehicle but also a reason for pride for any car enthusiast. And, of course, it also means Honda owners should take responsibility… Read More »

Honda Releases a Car for the Future, a Car for E:Ny1

Here at Cox Motor Parts, we always look forward to the latest additions to the Honda family. As one of the best places to find Honda parts online for the UK, we’re always delighted to see the range grow. Over the last two decades, Honda has consistently delivered a lineup of popular car models that… Read More »

10 Common Car Problems and How to Fix Them

Owning a car can be quite fulfilling but can also bring some challenges. Understanding how to fix common car issues can be incredibly valuable for car owners looking to avoid big garage bills. As the leading car part specialist, we pride ourselves on helping our customers with their vehicle needs. We provide and offer genuine… Read More »

The Importance of a Regular Service

As a car owner, you know how important keeping your vehicle in good condition is. The last thing you want is for your car to break down on the road. You also want to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently – getting you from A to B as safely as possible. As a specialist in… Read More »

Checks for your car in Autumn and Winter

Introduction In this month’s blog post we have a few checks for your car in Autumn and Winter. By going through the following information you will be taking great steps towards ensuring your safety and your vehicles full reliability during these cold, wet, windy and icy months. Wipers and Windscreens Strong winds, heavy rain, and… Read More »

How to Charge a Honda Civic Battery: A Guide

Unfortunately, you’re bound to find yourself with a dead car battery at some point in your life. Rather than Googling what to do as you’re stranded on the motorway, why not prepare yourself for it now? Honda Civic owners, keep on reading – this one’s for you. We’ll show you three methods that will be… Read More »

How to Change the Wiper Blades on a Honda Civic: A Step by Step Guide

Your Honda Civic wiper blades could be the difference between a safe and dangerous journey. If your windshield wiper blades are faulty, you’ll need to spend money on new wipers. But most importantly, your eyesight will be impaired in hazardous driving conditions such as snow or rain. It’s incredibly important to know how to change… Read More »

How Often Should You Change Your Transmission Fluid in a Honda Civic?

People rely on their cars a lot. An out-of-commission vehicle will have a significant negative impact on the driver’s life. One of the ways you can avoid this unnecessary stress is by changing your transmission fluid when needed. Changing the transmission fluid is one of the simplest ways to extend the life of your vehicle.… Read More »

How Do I Know What Honda Car Engine I Have?

There may be a time when you need to find out which specific engine your Honda vehicle has. Every model and trim is different, and they may have differing engine specifications. Here at Cox Motor Parts, we are an authorised Honda dealer specialising in genuine Honda parts, including Honda Civic parts and accessories. This handy… Read More »

How Long Do Honda CR-V Tyres Last?

Making sure your car is properly maintained keeps you and others safe. Tyres play a key role in how your vehicle functions and it’s important to maintain them. Over time and with use, your Honda CR-V tyres will wear down. If the tyre tread depth drops to the legal minimum of 1.6mm, you’ll need to… Read More »

How Often Should I Change the Power Steering Fluid in a Honda Car?

Have you ever tried to drive a car that doesn’t have power steering? If so, you’ll know how crucial this system is for modern-day driving. It goes without saying that power-assisted steering makes your driving experience better, easier and safer for those inside the car and on the road. This system will inevitably experience wear… Read More »

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