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Castrol Engine Oil

If you’re looking for the very best motor oil, then Castrol should be top of your list. Castrol, along with Mobil is known as one of the finest producers of oils and lubricants in the world. You’ll find Castrol oil in everything from cars, vans and industrial machinery through to everyday items that keep the world running smoothly.

With over a century of experience in creating oils for different industries, Castrol’s oils can be trusted to keep your Honda’s engine ticking over. Castrol has been working hard to make sure their oils are as sustainable as possible. Using their oils can help your car run to its best abilities, which in turn will keep your emissions low.

Castrol car oil falls into two product ranges; Castrol Edge and Castrol Magnatec. At Cox Motor Parts we stock both, and we can help you find the perfect Castrol motor oil for your Honda.

If you are unsure which engine oil you need for your vehicle, we have an extensive oil and fluid information guide which talk shows which oil is suitable for each car.

Castrol Motor Oil & Fluids

Castrol Edge Engine Oil

Say goodbye to your fears about friction hotspots in your engine. Castrol Edge has been created with Fluid TITANIUM to allow it to transform its structure as it glides around your engine. This technology allows it to become stiffer at any points where the pressure drastically increases, making sure there’s a layer of oil to keep any pieces of metal apart.

The varieties we stock include Castrol Edge 5W40, in sizes from 1 litre to 4 and 5 litre bottles, as well as Castrol Edge 0w30 and Castrol Edge Professional. These are all designed to limit the friction in your Honda’s engine through Castrol’s TITANIUM technology.

Castrol Magnatec Engine Oil

If you live in a city and are concerned about the wear and tear caused by warm-up wear and stop-start wear then Castrol Magnatec Oil could be exactly what you’re after. Designed for urban environments where you’re going to be stopping and starting your car far more frequently, Castrol Magnatec Oil has been developed and patented to allow molecules to cling to critical parts of your engine to protect them.

You’ll find Castrol’s DUALOCK technology in the Castrol Magnatec 0W30 car oil, that’s fully synthetic and designed to prevent stop-start wear. We stock Castrol Magnatec 0W30 for people to use in their Honda engines, to get the best performance and protect them from wear and tear.

As an authorised Honda Dealer, Cox Motor Parts also specialise in genuine Honda Oils & Fluids that pass Honda’s stringent quality standards.