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A Look At The Honda NSX Supercar

It’s now twenty five years since the launch of the original Honda NSX supercar and, earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show, the production version of the new successor made it’s first appearance! As such, as lovers of all things Honda, we thought we’d take a look at this brand new supercar model in a little more depth.

It is expected that European customer deliveries of the new NSX will start in early 2016, however as we’ve already reported this week, fans will be able to get a glimpse of the car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed next month. The car has been specifically designed by Honda to offer a ‘New Sports eXperience’ to the supercar market.

Go On…Dish The Dirt

The 2015 NSX will be powered by an all-new power unit – a twin-turbocharged 75-degree DOHC V6 engine coupled to a nine-speed dual clutch transmission (DCT) and three electric motors with the Sport Hybrid technology being housed within an ultra-rigid and lightweight multi-material chassis that features world-first material applications and manufacturing processes.

It has taken almost three years of continuous development to bring the NSX from concept to reality and involved a global team of designers and engineers led by the development team in Raymond, Ohio to make it happen and all come together!

Here at Cox Motor Parts, the UK’s leading online dealers of genuine Honda parts, some of our favourite features on the NSX are:

– An Interwoven Dynamic Design
The exterior of the NSX focusses upon balancing a supercar and exotic sports car and certainly does it very well with the development team having referred to it as an ‘interwoven dynamic design.’ The entirety of the body has been carefully designed for total airflow management and the model has undergone extensive testing in Ohio to deliver an exterior which REALLY looks the business!

– A Driver Centred Cockpit Design
The NSX started with the concept of a ‘human-centred supercar’ and, as such, was designed inside-out with the sole focus at all times upon the driver. Staying true, however, to the original NSX, the new model’s ‘Human Support Cockpit’ provides a fantastic level of driver control, visibility and packaging and, above all else, offers a premium experience for the driver! As just one example, the front seats of the car feature top-class holding performance with outstanding comfort and easy access for the driver and passenger. At the heart of everything the NSX offers is the driver!

– Sport Hybrid Power Unit
The next-generation NSX has been designed to offer a new sports car experience which maximises the driver’s capabilities and, as such, Honda’s engineers have created the most sophisticated, technologically advanced and intelligent powertrain available. One such feature is Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD). At the heart of the NSX is is an all-new mid-mounted, 75-degree, DOHC V6 engine with twin turbochargers mated to a specially-developed nine-speed DCT.

The car’s rear direct-drive electric motor, which can be found situated between the engine and transmission, supports acceleration, braking and transmission shifting performance whilst the front wheels are driven by two independent high-output electric motors which deliver instantaneous torque response and dynamic left-to-right torque distribution.

Our Final Thoughts

Above everything else, it’s clear that the NSX is set to take both the sports car and super car markets by storm and that, by the time the model reaches European dealers in early 2016, there’ll be a lot of fans eager to get their hands on one! It’s the perfect hybrid between sports car and super car and is likely to be at the very top of any Honda fan’s want list!

We’re as excited as anyone about the official launch and shipping of the NSX and we simply can’t wait to get behind the wheel of one! Anyone going to Goodwood Festival Of Speed – please send us some pictures, we’d love to see them!