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Honda Branches Out To Sell First Private Jet Plane


shutterstock_247990081As one of the UK’s top dealers for genuine Honda parts, we pride ourselves on being able to help you out with any replacements your Honda may require.

However, there’s a new Honda product that even we may struggle to help you with. Their brand new private jet.

The HondaJet has been in production for decades and is finally ready to be delivered to those lucky enough to be able to afford one.

Honda believes they have identified a gap in the market for a small aircraft which is cheaper to buy and operate than the more expensive alternative of regularly hiring out larger aircraft, but also believe some customers will buy for personal use and family trips (imagine turning up at Center Parcs in one of these…)

The aircraft, which can carry a pilot and six passengers, finally received certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) earlier this month, meaning it is now available to be delivered to customers.

While actual flying cars may still be a few years off, Honda bosses have compared the jet, which is being produced at the Japanese firm’s North Carolina plant, to a “flying sports car” and claim to already have over 100 orders waiting to be delivered.

And the lines between car and plane are further blurred, right down to the seat and dashboard designs which are apparently very similar to those seen in Honda’s car, leading some to even describe the jet as the “Civic of the air”.

The HondaJet comes in slightly pricier than the Civic, with a price of $4.5 million (just under £3 million) and is one of the smaller jets on the market as a VLJ (very light jet) and will be up against the likes of the impressively named Phenom 100 from Embraer and the Citation Mustang from Cessna.

Honda is hoping that its unique design, with its two FF120 turbofans, mounted on top of the wings as opposed to the back of the fuselage will set the new jet apart from the competition as well as making journeys a lot quieter for its lucky passengers.

While it may be a bit out of our expertise, the HondaJet is certainly an exciting new direction for the company!