Honda Civic Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are a relatively small part of your car but without them, you would not be able to see the road clearly during a heavy rainstorm and other unfavourable driving conditions. Ensuring your windscreens are kept clean and clear is imperative for your driving safety.

Honda Civic windscreen wiper blades are designed specifically for the unique curvature of the glass on each Honda Civic model including the Honda Civic 5-DoorHonda Civic Hybrid and Honda Civic Type- R. No matter the wiper blades nor cleaning fluid you need, we stock genuine Honda parts for all makes and models of Civic.


Situated in the North West of England, Cox Motor Parts only stocks new products that have been manufactured directly by Honda or by a specialist company that meets Honda’s stringent quality standards. This means you’re safe in the knowledge that no matter the Honda Civic parts you purchase from us, including Honda Civic windscreen wipers, you’re sure to get the best quality parts out there.

Honda Civic Front Wiper Blade Sets

Honda Civic Drivers Side Wiper Blades

Honda Civic Passengers Side Wiper Blades

Honda Civic Rear Wiper Blades

Honda Civic Wiper Blade Covers

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