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We all find little scratches and knocks on our cars from time to time and whilst a little frustrating, it generally doesn’t mean a trip to the body shop is in order.

In most instances, small scratches, knocks and chips can easily be touched up using a touch up pen, however one thing you must always take into consideration is the importance of buying genuine Honda touch ups pens.

Whilst you’ll almost certainly find alternatives on the market, only Honda’s own touch up pens will guarantee that the colour you touch up with is identical to the car’s original paint colour. Whilst touch up pens aren’t perfect, they’re an affordable, quick and easy solution and for small scratches and chips, they do the job just fine. If you end up using a pen which isn’t identical in colour, however, this will show and you’ll almost be wishing you’d left the scratch as it’d stand out less.

Here at Cox Motor Parts, we stock only genuine Honda parts and Honda accessories and you’ll find touch up pens available in all main Honda colours.

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